Antique Tree Felling

Antique Tree Felling originated in the western suburbs in 1990 by Steve Klimentos. Antique is a family owned Business with the structure in mind of service to the customer, as well as the right treatment for the tree and its surrounding environment.

Antique has acquired the experience through hard studies and consistent involvement with tree surgeons to obtain a Horticulture certificate in tree surgery. Antique offers services throughout the Fairfield, Liverpool and metropolitan areas. In the past decade Antique has achieved further business and to offer an even faster service to the customers.

Tree Felling is controlled by council shires and state forestry commission who in turn render their opinion into weather the tree needs to be treated, trimmed or removed.

Antique Tree Felling is a fully qualified Tree surgeon and Fully Insured business for peace of mind.


The Services We Offer Are

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Pruning & Dead Wooding
  • Crown Lifting
  • Thinning
  • Mulching/Chipping
  • Mulch Sales
  • Land Clearing

What is Arboriculture?

Arboriculture, ailments, fertilising, pruning relates to the study of tree. The basic objective of Arboriculture is the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs. A fully trained professional in this field is called an Arborist.

The Arborist`s role entails the monitoring of trees and shrubs for disease and insects, diagnosis and treatment of tree damage, planting and removal of trees.

About Tree Care

Trees are an important part of our environment. Aside from their natural beauty, they have practical uses too they provide cool and shade from the sun and also help clean our air.
Sometimes when trees or shrubs are left to mature naturally, they can become wild, misshapen and too big for the space that it was planted in. This is why pruning is necessary or removal of the plant and replacing it


Pruning is used to enhance the size, shape and growth orientation of plants. Incorrect pruning can cause irreparable damage. When incorrectly pruned, tree can become vulnerable to insect damage and disease, and this damage cannot always be corrected early pruning of tree may avoid unnecessary tree removal in later years. Correct pruning can create a number of advantages. The main effects of pruning encourage more flowering, height, shape of the tree, but it dose not always promote healthy growth to large trees. Sometimes pruning is also necessary to avoid branches over hang property, and ovoid overhead wires or creating a danger to pedestrians and vehicle Not trees can all pruned annually or in the some way to avoid unnecessary damage to tree and to make the tree dangers.

Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery can involve removing diseased, broken or dead branches,-thus improving the shape, appearance and the safe of the tree. At other times branch removal may be required as they can obstruct traffic, views, overhead wires or over hang property. A qualified tree surgeon will carry out major repair work such as may be necessary after storms, lightning, fire or disease. If damage caused by either of the aforementioned was left to go untreated it could result in the death of a tree.

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