Precise Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning and Trimming in the Sydney Region

Well maintained and healthy trees add great value to your home or commercial property. Energetic Tree Lopping are experts in the art of tree pruning and trimming and can asist you in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy.

The Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Trees

Trees and shrubs that are not maintained correctly can become diseased and even become dangerous.  Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy will not only save you money over the long-term but can help to keep your loved ones safe while enjoying your outdoor living spaces and improving your standard of living.

How and When to Prune or Trim Trees

To some, cutting branches where ever just to make the tree or shrub smaller is what they understand to be tree pruning. That could not be more incorrect. Where ever possible trimming and pruning should be done by an experienced and qualified person. The species of plant and the time of year can be important factors to consider when pruning takes place. The team at Energetic Tree Lopping have the knowledge and skills to do it right every time.

Do You Need More than just a Prune?

Sometimes pruning is just not enough and your tree needs to be totally removed. Not a problem we can help with that too. Find out more about our removal service on our Tree Removal page.


  • Trees lopped & felled
  • Dangerous & dead branches lopped
  • Hedge & shrub trimming
  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Roof and Gutter Clearing
  • Mulch and Firewood sales
  • Top Quality Service. All Work Insured
  • Flexible Hours
  • Friendly & Reliable Service
  • No Job Too Difficult
  • and more…

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