Top Quality Firewood

Eco-friendly Australian Hardwood

Hardwood is the best suited timber to be used as a heating fuel because of it’s tight cellular growth pattern. As it takes longer to grow each cell is therefore smaller and more tightly packed which achieves the result of “slow burning” It also results in more heat.

Here at Energetic Tree Lopping we do NOT cut down old growth forests to supply our firewood for sale! As we are in the business of tree lopping and removal, we are often required to clear land that has been approved for clearance and that contains an element of “Old Growth”. Rather than sending this wonderful hardwood to be “chipped” or “burnt in bulk” we instead transport it back to our yards.

Once there, we allow it to dry and season. This creates the best “ready to burn” firewood.

Splits or Rounds - It's your choice

Our hardwood logs are precision cut into manageable sized rounds for easy transportation and storage. At this point selected rounds can be used for other purposes than just burning. The right one can make fantastic blocks for use in the splitting process or as solid timber work surfaces for many other purposes too. We can supply our firewood as “rounds” and you can split them yourself gaining some great exercise and saving money too or…

We can split them for you. We have Australian Hardwood split timber ready to burn available for pick up or we can arrange delivery to certain areas as well.


Splits or Rounds Available

Firewood - Split

Seasoned Hardwood, split and ready to burn
Pick up from Wedderburn N.S.W.

$120 per m³

Subject to Availability

Firewood - Rounds

Seasoned Hardwood, split split yourself & SAVE!
Pick up from Wedderburn N.S.W.

$80 per m³

Subject to Availability

Bulk Buys also available - Buy 5 cubes get 1 cube FREE

Delivery available to select Areas starting at $30

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