Stump Grinding

Removal of Stumps of All Sizes

The last stage in a tree removal is to remove the tree stump. As the stump is always connected to an intricate maze of tree roots it is often more practical to use heavy equipment to grind the stump to below ground level. 

The A-Team here at Energetic Tree Lopping have both the equipment and qualifications to safely remove stumps of all sizes from your yard or commercial premises.

That Old Stump Out Back

Stumps that remain from past tree removals can sometimes increase the risk of accidental injury in your yard or at your commercial premises. Providing a possible trip hazard keen gardeners or hired staff run the risk on injury while going about their activities.

Stumps left after a tree has gone also can detract from the look of your garden. Avid gardeners take great pride in the overall appearance in their manicured, often well designed yards so stumps in places they are not wanted can ruin the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Termites Eat More than just Trees

Termites, often called White Ants, can be surprisingly destructive. Once a termite colony is established on your property they can track extreme distances to access their food sources, namely wood of all types, both in its natural form as well as processed. There have even been cases of white ants devouring treated pine.

Step one in colonizing your property is to establish an intricate nest. Old tree stumps serve as an extremely attractive location for such nests. 


Established in 1979 our experience in tree surgery and arboriculture can offer the best tree care in Sydney. Our extensive range of tree services includes everything from discussions, advice and reports to completion of tree lopping and cutting services, tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, including palm tree removal, stump grinding, and tree mulching. Land clearing from a backyard to a building block. We can also supply quality firewood and mulch delivered to you.

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