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Much more than just cutting down trees! The art of “Arborism” is all about knowing just how and where to lop. To be able to use the necessary skills to improve growth and presentation with every cut.​

Why Choose an Arborist?

TREE LOPPERS: – Although it is often the case that hiring a tree lopper to cut branches from your trees will cost less up front, it is not always the most cost effective way to go. Inexperienced or under qualified tree loppers usually choose the parts of branches and limps easiest accessed to make their cuts. This can often lead to serious depreciation in your tree’s health and future growth and can be responsible for future weaknesses. These weaknesses can result in issues that cost more to rectify in the long term. Trees lopped incorrectly will require more frequent lopping and result in more visits costing more over time.. Lopped poorly can result in tree illness and sometimes even the death of your tree.

QUALIFIED ARBORISTS: – Knowing where, when and how to selectively prune, cut or trim your tree is an art that Qualified Arborists know about. Our arborists here at Energetic Tree Lopping take more of an overview and look at your situation on a holistic basis and can advise you the best coarse of action over the long term. This often results in less future visits therefore reducing costs. The future growth and health of the tree is better served with this holistic approach. It is not always the most cost effective process to just cut branches at the easiest and most obvious places. It is important to realize the future effects that these cuts may have to the tree and the areas around it.

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