Selective or Complete

Land Clearing Services

There can be many reasons for land clearing. To make room for building extensions, to put in a pool or maybe just to create more living space in your yard. Selective or complete land clearing, Energetic Tree Lopping can supply both types of services for both domestic and commercial situations.

Selective Land Clearing Services

Energetic Tree Lopping’s A-Team can help prepare your land for a multitude of purposes. We can clear selected areas of your yard in readiness for extensions to your family home or to clear trees and undergrowth in preparation for the installation of a pool or to clear land to build garages or sheds or just about any reason you might require.

Our qualified team has both the knowledge and abilities to carefully remove the desired undergrowth with minimal damage to the plants and trees surrounding the clearance area. This ability results in lower costs and time in restoring your yard after construction is completed.

Building Development Site Preparation

Although Energetic Tree Lopping are experts in delicate selected clearing this does not mean that we can’t handle the “big jobs”. Clearing complete sites of all trees and undergrowth in preparation for building new constructions is also a service our team can provide with ease.


Established in 1979 our experience in tree surgery and arboriculture can offer the best tree care in Sydney. Our extensive range of tree services includes everything from discussions, advice and reports to completion of tree lopping and cutting services, tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, including palm tree removal, stump grinding, and tree mulching. Land clearing from a backyard to a building block. We can also supply quality firewood and mulch delivered to you.

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