Palm Trees Lopped or Removed

Skilled Palm Tree Care

Not all trees are the same. This is especially true of the Palm Tree family. The care, lopping and removal of palm trees differs quite considerably from you normal tree. The team at Energetic Tree Lopping are highly experienced and well trained in both the lopping and the removal of all types of palm trees

Palm Fronds and Just What They Do

All those who have them know that the palm tree has a much higher percentage of falling foliage than other types of trees with some species loosing palm fronds daily. These fallen fronds create havoc in yards and can even create places where water can stagnate and promote the growth of insects such as mosquitoes. They can cause tripping hazards around your yard and are hard to dispose of.

Precise Pruning of Palm Trees

Careful pruning of your palm trees can greatly reduce the amount of unwanted foliage that falls and becomes a major problem in your yard. The removal of the palm tree seed pods can also be a great preventative measure. Once they have fallen they create large amounts of mess and lay around and rot which can promote the growth of insects and fruit fly. These fruit fly can in turn infest other species of plants in and around your yard.

Palm Tree Removal

If complete removal of your palm tree is what is needed maybe to allow for its replacement with a smaller, more manageable tree or to make way for a development project such as an extension or pool then the team at Energetic Tree Lopping have you covered. Just contact us and we will discuss your needs and look after it for you.


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