Arborists Reports

Detailed Arborists Reports

When choosing a qualified arborist you have available to you much more than just someone to cut your trees. One of these extras is the availability of requesting an arborist report.

Professional arborist reports inform you on the condition of the trees that surround your family home or commercial property. With these reports you will be better informed and therefore better placed to plan future needs.

The Planned Approach

By having a detailed report completed by Energetic Tree Lopping you will get a clear picture of the health of your  trees and shrubs in and around your home or commercial property. These reports help you to decide what coarse of action best suits for the future planning and care.

Pre warning of the health of trees can give you insight into the “disease” status. This information can help with the future planning of what to do. Maybe strategic pruning may save the life of your tree or maybe the full removal of the tree is the best coarse of action. Only a full arborists report can tell you.

The Value of Old Growth

Old growth is simply that. Plants that have taken a long time to grow to their current shape and form. Mature plants have a high value because of their longevity. If required to buy them for landscaping and other projects the cost can be huge. Therefore, being able to use the old growth that already exsists can be a huge saving.


Established in 1979 our experience in tree surgery and arboriculture can offer the best tree care in Sydney. Our extensive range of tree services includes everything from discussions, advice and reports to completion of tree lopping and cutting services, tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, including palm tree removal, stump grinding, and tree mulching. Land clearing from a backyard to a building block. We can also supply quality firewood and mulch delivered to you.

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