Firewood from Energetic burns bright.

Firewood from Energetic burns bright.

Firewood from Energetic burns bright.

Energetic Tree Lopping firewood in the Campbelltown Area.

Firewood from Energetic Tree Lopping is seasoned and dried all Australian Hardwood. Burning hot and long, Australian hardwood makes for the hottest of fires and means fewer trips to gather more fuel for your fire. Our firewood for the Campbelltown area as well as other areas in Sydney.

Local Rules and Regulations

Follow this link to the Campbelltown Council website to find out more about the local rules and regulations about domestic heating.

Sustainable methods

The A-Team here at Energetic Tree Lopping are often hired to remove or crop old growth hardwood trees from customers properties. Rather than the usual practice of piling the cut timber and burning it the team remove and store it to dry.

The Australian hardwood is then cut into logs at manageable sizes and even sometimes split into burnable slabs. These slabs are perfect for use in domestic heating systems like slow burning fireplaces.

Repurposing through recycling with Energetic firewood.

Australian hardwood takes a long time to grow to maturity and as such is a precious commodity. Unfortunately, as our needs as a community grow so does the area, we need to live in. Upgrades of our existing homes, as well as the need to build new ones, often means that land needs to be cleared. More times than not, that land contains some old growth Australian hardwood. When Energetic Tree Lopping is engaged to clear land like this, we much prefer to bring the fallen trees back to our depot. Here we can try and repurpose this commodity in other ways.

Reduced heating bills

Where slow burning fuel fires are used to warm homes the cost of electricity or gas is reduced. To avoid spending as much on burning fuels like firewood it is important to buy the right type of timber. Australian hardwood is just such a timber. With its close cellular structure, its density means that it burns slowly and high temperature. This results in less timber being needed and therefore less money spent.

Collect it or have it delivered

Energetic firewood can, by arrangement, be collected from our depot in the Campbelltown area, therefore saving you money on the delivery costs. If transport is an issue for you, we can arrange delivery to your place. This will, of course, depend on the amount you require.

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Contact us for more information.

Please feel free to give us a call on 0416 072 453 or send us an email at and we will help you to keep warm this winter. Read more about our firewood here on our new website.

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