Termites, they came they saw they ate it

Termites, they came they saw they ate it

They Came, They Saw, They Ate It

White Ants, also known as termites, are amazing creations of nature and do have an important place in nature. They can sense eatable timber over long distances and can fly equal distances to get to it. There have been many notable events around the world over the past.

One of which was about events that happened in Europe in the 1970’s where a metal flagpole some 30 metres high with more than a square kilometre of concrete surrounded it, had the cedar pole top eaten out by white ants. That cedar was so tasty they smelt it from more than a kilometre away and flew to their dinner.

They Breed like Rabbits

As prolific breeders, a white ant queen can lay as many as 7000 eggs every day. While termites have a very important position within Mother Nature’s scheme of things their presence in a suburban environment can be disastrous.

termite queen and her workers
White ant queen with a few of her worker ants

A Hunger that can’t be Fulfilled

These almost silent constant eaters serve a very important task within nature when located in rural and natural bush areas. Their eating habits help to increase the decaying of fallen branches and trees. The timber matter, once broken down by the termite digestive system, is easily reclaimed by the soil which in turn fertilizes the ground to promote the healthy growth of new foliage.

group of termites
White ants up close

Eating You out of House and Home

When a healthy infestation of white ants is located in your yard a totally different aspect to the situation is present. While they will do what is usual for them, that is, to increase the breakdown of old rotten plant growth, they can, in turn, place your home at risk.

Just like all living creatures, termites will travel to find food once their supply is gone. Unlike humans who can travel to the local take away for dinner when the cupboard is bare, white ants need a food source much closer. As such when they have finished eating the limited supply of dead tree branches and other scraps of timber laying around your yard, they will begin to look for a new food supply. The timber framing in your home will do them very nicely.

The damage done to timber eaten by white ants
The damage done to timber eaten by white ants

Destruction delivered by Airmail.

For most of their existence, white ants are the hidden threat to all that is timber. But once they need to migrate, be it because of lack of food or the fact that with the Queen laying thousands of eggs each and every day, they just need to move out of home and start a new family, they will take to the wing and fly great distances to start a new nest.

Termites, Shhh, be very very quiet, I hear them in the walls.

Once a well-established termite nest has found a place within your walls it is possible if you are very quiet to actually hear them as they eat their way through the timber that holds your home together. Being able to devour huge amounts of wood and eating 24 hours a day, white ants can make short work of almost all species of timber. Their eating methods mean that you won’t usually even know they are in your home as they eat the centre out of your wall studs and roof rafters leaving the outer layer of the timber untouched.

burning house image
An extreme way to rid your home of termites

Modern Science can Save the Day at Considerable Costs

As science has progressed through the centuries man has adapted and invented multiple cures for that termite infestation. No longer is it necessary to “burn the bugger out”! A highly skilled team of exterminators can be hired to spray your home with toxic chemicals to eradicate these pests. White Ant traps can be installed all over your yard to have the chemicals topped up every 6 months or you can have white ant trenches dug through your yard and holes drilled in your concrete for pesticides to be poured in.

All these methods will work to an extent and help you fight the good fight against these tiny homewreckers at the same time they eat away at your savings accounts.

Here is a link to a New South Wales State Government website with information about pesticides. “LINK”

There is a Better Way

Chris from Energetic Tree Lopping grinding a stump
Our Team Leader, Chris, grinding some stumps for a Client

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White Ants, an Ounce of Prevention is usually better than a Ton of Cure

While we all feel the need to do what we can to help support Mother Nature and yes, termites are important in the environment the best cure for termites attaching your home is to not let them move in in the first place.

A well maintained and tidy yard is the best method in not inviting these tiny white pests to move in at all. If they do not reside in your yard, then it is highly unlikely that they will move in with you in your home. Regular pruning of dead branches and fallen trees along with the removal of old stumps is the best practice in creating an environment that is not appealing to termites in the first place.

Grab the A-Team for the Best Results

Being a family-based business, Energetic Tree Lopping has a great understanding of just how important the family home is. If you have dead branches laying around or rotting branches hanging from trees or old stumps rotting in the ground contact us for a free quote or give us a call on 0416 072 453 today. If it suits you better you can send us a “message” or fill out a “Quote Request” and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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